Without a point of reference, no photograph can adequately capture that I stand under five feet (<150cm). Often when I meet someone, they tell me how tiny I am (as if I am a walking ghost with no awareness of my own physicality). So, in normal circumstances, my height is my first impression to most, but since this is the Internet and you're on my page, I'd like to begin by saying—it is what it is, but I/you/we, each contain multitudes and we are more than our bodies.

Hi, I'm c4t c0rt3s! I am a communications consultant and community catalyst currently based out of Singapore, but my heart is ready for everywhere and everything.

I support Permapeople.org, a platform for people interested in permaculture, food gardening and regenerative practices to share their knowledge and feed the future.

I thrive best under the following conditions:

1) A safe space where the light can shine through.
2) Walking distance to nature (I'll take anything— a forest, a garden—even sand dunes.)
3) Coffee (or a cup of Yorkshire/Earl Grey tea/mate or malt).
4) Compassionate circles of family, friends and colleagues to laugh, learn and unlearn things together.
5) There must be music—and always—space for some solid dance moves.
6) And I put this last because let's face it, this is not reality for many of us at this moment in time: a just and fair universe where there is less suffering.

Here is where I write with my heart. Yes, I answer to CatCœr. [insert dorky grin]