I am first of all, grateful to work with people who incorporate care, community and climate in all aspects of their vision. Maintaining a sense of playfulness alongside this gratitude, whenever I can has kept me sane during these challenging COVID-19 years we're all in.

I am the Communications Lead at the Open Data Charter, delivering ODC’s advocacy and communications strategy since 2020. In 2019, I learned about the emergence of open data in public policy and governance while working as a Communications Manager at the British High Commission, Singapore and was inspired to find work in this field.

I also consult with civil society organisations and small agencies, offering communications solutions to people who are focused on creating community. I've worked with fin-tech clients (for content), independent publishers (editing manuscripts and memoirs); pharmaceutical companies (writing research reports); and media companies (researching and writing for radio and television).

I'm currently not looking for work. Here's my résumé anyway. I had attempted to write some weekly work notes, if that interests you.

If you'd like to chat, use this form to reach me. It doesn't have to be about work or a project!